Paintless Clear Coat Repair

What is Paintless Clear Coat Repair?
Paintless clear coat repair is the cutting-edge solution for vehicle owners in Las Vegas seeking to restore their car’s shine without a full repaint. At MPowered Paint & Body Works, our expert technicians specialize in this innovative technique, designed to address minor imperfections in the clear coat layer without the need for a complete paint job. Whether your vehicle has suffered from light scratches, swirl marks, or minor blemishes, our paintless clear coat repair services can make them vanish, leaving your car’s finish looking flawless.
Not only does this method save you time and money, but it also preserves the original factory finish, ensuring your car maintains its value and stunning appearance. Choose MPowered Paint & Body Works for the future of automotive finish restoration and enjoy a vehicle that looks like new without the hassle and expense of a full paint overhaul.

            $700 – Car
            $800 – Crossover
            $900 – Truck/SUV/Van
            $1,000 – Luxury (starting at)
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